Craig was raised in small town Ontario as kind of a weirdo, but still got along nicely with everyone.  Which must be why he is such a good communicator today.  After High School Craig was selected to attend a prestigious Fine Arts school in London Ontario where he mastered the craft of watching clouds roll by, day dreaming and Majoring in Photography.  With graduation came the stark cold reality of life that its really hard to be a true Artist.  So with debts to pay and food needed, Craig got a job in a restaurant where he cut his teeth and the Culinary Arts.  Couple Years and a few to many beers later, the impulsive decision was made to up and move to Montreal.  Not knowing a soul, the language or much about anything really Craig continued to hide in the back of kitchens grinding out the nights and sweating onto peoples meals.  Until one day an epiphany, "This is Plan B, Not Plan A, to hell with this, Life is to damn short. I'm going back to school."  

Applications had been closed for weeks by this time and it seemed like Craig would have to wait an entire year to apply for his shot at Plan A.  Persistence paid off with two months and phone calls and light hearted email, Craig was giving the last interview on the last day of Admission and Dawson Collage's Commercial Photography Program.  Of course he nailed it.  From that day on Craig would be the first in and the last out of class.  Being already trained in "Oldschool" photography, Craig was able to flow through the Commercial program by adding an artistic twist to all Commercial assignments separating him from the pack.  The Oldschool ideas of measurements and proper studio set building was a strong foundations for the exciting new discovery, the world of Photoshop. 

After that everything changed for Craig.  A new way of shooting, planing and building images as opposed to simply taking photographs was born.  After graduation, the lesson That it is really hard to be an Artist was on repeat, so a new plan would be needed.  This time every opportunity would need to be made rather than stumbled on. Every gig that came along was a chance to improve and stay within the industry.  Portraits, food, interiors, nothing was below Craig.  Everything was a step along the way.  A couple lucky breaks and that old persistence landed Craig in a Fashion house for a 1 year contract.   This opened new doors in NYC with monthly trips down to the Big Apple feeding his new love of fashion.  Echoes of that weirdo kid were found down there and the confidence to realize "I made it"  Couple years down the road Craig is Partnered in with Quebec's largest Fitness and Athletic photography company where he is still carving out his unique brand of imagery and operating his own studio and production team and thankful everyday that he can get up and do exactly what he loves to do.